Think Outside the Box

January 28, 2018


A hard part of RA is not being able to do the things you once did. For me I struggled before my work with the Arthritis Foundation, the group, and starting my blog. I had just quit my job at the pharmacy because I couldn't open the pill bottles and I had to walk and stand a lot. I loved to help people. I felt like a failure not contributing to society. Below is an excerpt of something I came across today.


[A woman named Nancy put this ad in her local newspaper: “If you are lonely or have a problem, call me. I am in a wheelchair and seldom get out. We can share our problems with each other. Just call. I’d love to talk.” The response to that ad was surprising—30 calls or more every week. What motivated this woman to reach out from her wheelchair to help others in need? Nancy explained that before her paralysis she had been perfectly healthy but in deep despair. She had tried to commit suicide by jumping from her apartment window, but her fall left her paralyzed from the waist down.].*


For those of you struggling with the loss of your physical ability I encourage you to reinvent. Think of how you can get that feeling back. The feeling of doing something you loved. Approach from a different angle. Do some brainstorming. Rekindle that fire in you. I dare you!


*Vernon Grounds~YouVersion~Our Daily Bread

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