Throw That Away STAT

January 21, 2018

In the last 7 years I have had 22 surgeries. That's 22 times I have risked being put under general anesthesia. 22 times I wondered if I'd wake up to see my family. 22 times my husband had to sit out in the waiting room worrying. 22 times my daughter has watched the clock in school waiting for the phone call that I was ok. It hasn't been an easy road for any of us. Once a surgery was done I knew what the next one was and when I'd have to do it again. An ongoing seemingly neverending list.


October 31 I had the last of my surgeries, abdominal reconstruction due to a combination of a previous botched surgery and my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Four years ago a surgeon cut open my abdomen to explore why I was having pain. He made an incision right through my abdominal muscles. Fast forward 2 years. A side effect of Ehlers Danlos is the thinning of scars. The scar on my abdominal muscles thinned to the point they split and left a 5 inch gap to where you could feel my intestines. I looked 6 months pregnant for 2 years and had no idea why I couldn't loose weight in my midsection. The muscles that should have been in the front protecting my insides were now right above my hips. The surgery was a success and I go for my 12 week post op appointment on the 25th. 


Now for the purpose of my post.

Hibiclens! Some of you may be familiar with this disgusting , hospital smelling soap. Before every surgery I had to wash with this the night before and day of to avoid infections. 


Today I tossed my bottle in the trash! No surgeries on the horizon. My crutches, wraps, wheelchair, and walker will be accumulating some dust. For the first time in forever I rang in the new year optimistic about my health. And did I mention I've lost 30 pounds since this last surgery. Bonus!



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