Nurses Have Cool Toys

September 8, 2016

We all know the problems I've had with my veins. They are tiny and they like to collapse. They're so thoughtful aren't they? 2 weeks ago I needed an IV a few days after getting my port put in, There was NO way I was letting them use my port that day for the infusion. I sometime equate the pain after getting a port to punching a teenage girl in the chest during puberty. Yup that bad right after. It gets better I swear!


Back to my story. They couldn't find a vein. Surprise surprise. The nurse felt bad about blindly trying to stick me. Keep in mind that she works in an infusion center so she does this all day. If she cant't do it no one can. She says "Hold on a sec" and walks away. She comes back with this!

 It's a light! That finds your veins! How cool is that? Where you see the lines with my skin color, those are veins. As you can see they are small and you can see all the scar tissue on them. Why they look all ripped apart. They have the best toys!


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