To Tell the Truth

August 16, 2016

I've learned so much over the last 7 years about Rheumatoid Arthritis. Yeah it's kind of why I'm writing this blog right? I love sharing my journey and comforting those that feel alone. Letting them know that there are others out there just like them. Giving hope when they are at their lowest. Changing perspectives to be more positive when it comes to looking at their future. All of these things are why I'm so open with sharing my life.


The hard part about telling the truth is telling the truth. Tonight I was speaking with a friend about an upcoming procedure she is having. A procedure I have done 4 times myself. And actually will again in 4 hours. She was very excited thinking this would solve a problem she was having. I found myself faced with the decision do I encourage her optimism or do I tell her the truth about what is about to happen to her. In reality she's trading one struggle for another.


I decided to be honest. And then I kept apologizing. I felt bad. It was obvious she didn't expect what I had to say. It was clear she thought this procedure would be the miracle cure for her problem. I know this was a difficult thing for her to digest. I am so grateful she was appreciative. I am blessed we have a relationship that allows me to be completely myself and candid.


This information that I gave her did not bring her down. She filed it away in the "good to know" folder in her brain and we went on to laughing about stupid stuff like we do. I am blessed to have you. You know who you are.


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